Is it worth it to go into a huge debt to achieve higher education in the USA?

Student debt is a depressing phenomenon. Besides it constantly rises and burdens the American economy, it restricts abilities of young people in the first place. None of them wants to start an independent life without a prospect of financial development and buying their own property in the near future. Instead, many of those who chose college education work to repay their student debt and constantly restrain themselves from purchases they were otherwise ready to make.

Going into a debt is a sad prospect but staying without a higher education is not an option either. So there are a few tips for students who do not want to spend decades paying back their college loans. First, young people shall realize that higher education is a responsible investment for them. Taking a loan, children shall anticipate that their real income will be large enough to repay the debt. Many college graduates face the absence of workplaces or very low salaries at their position. So it is worth to research the market and future job prospects before submitting their application.

Next, students shall research as many colleges and their costs as possible. Certainly, prestigious institutions charge their services respectively, but for those who risk sticking in debt, it would be better to apply to a smaller college. Students also need to calculate their future campus expenses and decide whether they can allow studying at this institution or not. The choice of colleges and universities is broad across the country today. Reducing college expenses while increasing the chances of having a stable occupation in future is the best choice for those whose parents cannot pay for the education of their kids.

How to achieve literacy for all?

Basic reading and writing skills are essential to all people irrespective of their nationality or religion. Millions of people who did not learn basic skills as children grow up unable to integrate into their economy and provide for the family in future. In the best case, they depend on their more literate relatives, in the worst – wander around the streets. Literacy levels are low in the developing world, where some children cannot access schools. But quite prosperous countries also make room for illiterate people. About 10 percent of the US adults cannot read or write at the basic level.

Eradicating illiteracy is one of the ways to address poverty. Education shall come to every home with children and adults who enjoy their right to education and build a base for sustainable future. Combating illiteracy will look different to advanced and developing countries. The latter need enough schools to let children study nearby their home. A lack of institutions or teachers in the rural regions of Africa and Asia is the primary reason behind poor literacy there. People require a better infrastructure and volunteers who could provide basic education for kids of the poorest.

In developed countries, we have enough schools to accept all children in their areas. But unfortunately, some parents hesitate to send children to school if they are immigrants or stand below the poverty level. The more children are restrained from visiting schools, the more illiterate adults we have in the end. Perhaps, states need to simplify the procedure of accepting children to primary school. No matter who are their adults, the child must be eligible to visit a local school merely if they live in the area.

Ethnicities that created the USA

The most ethnically-miscellaneous country, the US is a home to many nationalities from all around the world. Some Native Americans inhabit the country even now, but they are hardly as indigenous as we believe. For thousands of years, North America was an uninhabited and covered with ice until 17,000 years ago when the sea level fell enough for Siberian people to cross the land bridge of Beringia into Alaska. Nearly 5 million people identify themselves as Native American or Alaska Native, which makes about 2 percent of the current US population.

Germans make up the largest ethnic group in the US. Up to 50 million Americans claim German ancestry and live from coast to coast. Though Spain, France, and Portugal were the first to set foot on the continent, many Germans came to the US during the 19th century. They were pushed away from home by unrest, political and religious oppression. By now, German descendants have greatly Americanized. Only about 5 percent of them can speak German.

African Americans and Hispanic people are the next to the majority in the US. 41 million of African Americans and 31 million of Mexicans make quite a large community in Southern states. Most African Americans descended from slaves brought to the continent and impersonate the struggle for civil rights in the American society.

Numerous Irish immigrants came to the US after the great famine of the 1840s. They were followed by English, Italian, French, Polish, and many more Europeans who found freedom in the New World.

LGBT tolerance around the world

In the 21st century, we observe a reasonable shift towards legalization of gay marriage in Europe and the Americas. Many countries in the West have recognized the rights of their LGBT communities not only by word of mouth but also in law. These are the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, Brazil, the UK, the US and more. In 2017, Germany and Malta legalized same-sex marriage despite the impact of the Catholic Church and political principles. The list is likely to extend as more nations put the rights of their citizens above the religion or personal prejudice.

Despite the presence of LGBT communities, many countries of the world still take not only gay marriage but any representation of gay relationships illegal. In Africa and the Middle East, some countries even subject gay and lesbian couples to the death penalty for their choice. These are Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Most Asian and African countries do not recognize the gay marriage. Adoption laws for gay couples are also very scarce, limiting the option mostly to Greenland, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and a few European countries.

Discrimination of LGBT community members is still there despite the rights to marry and adopt kids. It is mostly Europe and Australia that definitely prohibit discrimination of non-heterosexual people by law. In the US, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina LGBT discrimination is illegal only in some context and not always punished by law. Most countries in Africa and Asia again offer no protection against discrimination to their LGBT communities.

Anorexia and obesity – two sides to one story

Obesity and eating disorders seem to have nothing in common. The first condition comes as the result of poor metabolism while eating disorders emerge from our cognition. Anorexic individuals are always distressed by their body image but obese people can be content with it. Those who are overweight do not necessarily keep a diet, unlike people who suffer from eating disorders. Consequently, it is common for scientists to link eating disorders to Affective Spectrum Disorders and to associate obesity with the increased body mass index. Nevertheless, some physicians have noticed the link between excessive body fat and brain dysfunction in their patients that looks much like Affective Spectrum Disorders. This discovery can tell us more about obesity and its nature.

An improper brain function is common for all people who store too much or too little fat. It is our brain that regulates the amount of endocrine hormones released in the body. Depression and anxiety, as well as a regular consumption of certain products, can equally disrupt the brain function. Excessive fructose and high glycemic carbohydrates, for example, may cause insulin resistance (diabetes) that is a brain-related problem as well. Therefore, to adequately treat obesity and eating disorders, patients need to release their brain from the wrong fat-storing mode.

Nutritionists highlight that the type of food we eat greatly impacts our brain function. Fructose and high glycemic carbohydrates are digested in the first place, but physicians do not recommend these substances to patients with the disturbed brain function. A low carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet is recommended for both anorexic and obese people. Avoidance of easy carbs, trans fats, and additives is a must for keeping healthy body and mind anyway.


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